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002: How Bad Do You Want It?

How bad do you want motivational
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Show Notes:

  • Inspiration for this show – My youngest son Ryan
  • Little background on Ryan
  • 1.6% of College football players end up in the NFL
  • Text message Ryan¬†sent me yesterday, Thursday 4/14/16 – Eric Thomas video
  • “So, How Bad Do You Want It?”
  • Discover your “WHY”
  • I challenge you to really think “How bad You Want It”
  • Then write out your “WHY”!


Eric Thomas video my son sent me – “You Owe You

Eric Thomas video – “How Bad Do You Want It?”

“I Wish You Enough” Poem

About the author, Brian

A family guy and entrepreneur that has always been super curious about what makes people think and do what they do. I love to read about business, marketing and personal growth and love to share what I learn to help inspire others to be happier and to become the best person they can be! You can reach Brian at

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  1. Brian Burkard on 06/03/2016 at 11:04 PM

    I was touched by your relationship with one another.

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