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056: How To Achieve All Your Goals By Focusing On The Process With Tommy Baker

Tommy Baker The 1% Rule
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How To Achieve All Your Goals By Focusing On The Process With Tommy Baker

Here are some the things you will learn from Tommy in this episode:

  • The importance mindset to one’s success
  • How To Achieve All Your Goals By Focusing On The Process
  • The critical thing that was holding him back from success
  • The birth of The 1% Rule
  • The massive importance of doing small incremental things daily
  • The key to making growth happen in your business and in your life
  • How to implement what you learn from books and seminars
  • The importance of getting in alignment
  • How consistency is absolutely critical to reaching your goals
  • The important lesson Tommy learned from attending Dr. John Demartini’s seminar
  • The 3 steps to implementing anything into your business and life
  • The major difference between those who get results and those who don’t
  • The magical power of believing in yourself!
  • The importance of having self-awareness
  • What are Audit Deletions and why you should have them
  • What is Tommy doing currently to make him stretch
  • The top books Tommy recommends in addition to his
  • The #1 book Tommy gifted last year (hint…it was not one of his)
  • and much, much more!!!

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