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012: Embrace The Suck – The Only Thing You Can Control Is How You Respond

Embrace the suck


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011: From Homeless and $700 Borrowed Dollars to $1 Billion Dollars A Year!

Success Story of John Paul DeJoria

SHOW NOTES: His parents came over from Europe. His mom was Greek and his father Italian. His first job, 9 years old, part-time, was selling Christmas cards door-to-door and newspapers with his brother to help support the family. After graduating high school and serving in the US Navy for two years this young man returns home to LA and…

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010: Life Lessons From My First 50 Years

Podcast 10 First 50 Years

SHOW NOTES Welcome back to the Marketer’s Mindset, the podcast where we talk about how to create and sustain a Powerful Mindset to help you build a successful online business and lead a happy and abundant life. My name is Brian Burkard and today June 8th is my 50th Birthday and I wanted to share…

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009: The Mindset Of Donald Trump

Donald Trump Mindset

SHOW NOTES: In this episode I want to talk about the Success Mindset of Donald Trump. Donald’s Rules: Don’t do it for the money – He loves the game.  Way to keep score! Never ever give up – You can change and adapt, but never give up. More successful than smarter people he knows because…

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008: Know Your Outcome And Charge Towards Your Goals

SHOW NOTES: Ryan – High School Graduation South Dakota   NAIA  (Division 3) Talked to his coach, fellow teammates, other colleges Has his Big GOAL Knows what he wants

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