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MMM 001: Don’t Be A Donkey

Don't be a donkey

SHOW NOTES: Welcome to Monday’s Mindset Minute, the weekly episode designed to provoke thought, motivate and inspire you to action to build your ideal business and create a brilliant life! Today I want to share a fable called Buridan’s Ass. I heard about this from an interview with Tim Ferriss talking about his new book,…

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027: The 4 D’s To Creating A Successful Online Business

Creating Success Online

SHOW NOTES: NEW – Monday’s Mindset Minute: To inspire, motivate, make you think, to former better habits, to help you become the best YOU! It wil be 1 to 3 minutes every Monday as a new segment to TMM weekly podcast. I want you to submit questins that I can answer. Short stories, quotes tips,…

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026: Goals Are Not A Set It And Forget It System

Goals are not a set and forget system


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025: Stick To It, Stay At It And Never Give Up with Todd Wright

Todd Wright

In This Episode You Will Learn from Todd:   Build Your Own Pool –

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