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032: Control The Controllable And Keep On Flowing With Anthony Hayes

Control the controllable with Anthony Hayes

This episode is dedicated to Dillon In 2004 this person embarked on a journey that would be many people’s worst nightmare. He began a downward spiral in his life as he began partying with shady people who did shady things. He was experiencing failed relationships and was immersing himself in a lifestyle of self destruction…

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MMM 009: How To Turn A Weakness Into A Strength

Turn a weakness into a strength

How To Turn A Weakness Into A Strength Today I want to talk about turning weaknesses into strengths. We all have aspects of ourselves and our online business that we feel we are weak in and we know that if we were to improve in those areas or business and our lives would be much…

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MMM 008: Limiting Beliefs: What Is Your 600 lb Barrier?

Self limiting beliefs

Today I want to share with you a story I heard in the Mind Power Home Study Program from John Kehoe. For the longest time the strongest man in the world was Serjev Vadachek from Russia. Vadachek could lift 598 lbs over his head, but he couldn’t lift 600 lbs. He tried many times and…

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MMM 007: Money Follows Value: Why Your Business Should Not Focus On Making Money

Money follows value

Today I want to talk to you about “Value”. There is a simple quote that says “Money Follows Value” what this means is that you and your online business needs to be focused on providing as much value as you can in the market you are in. Most business owners are focused on profits and…

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031: Who’s Your Hero – Who Are you Chasing After Every Day?

Who's your hero Matthew McConaughey

Today’s episode I want to talk about actor Matthew McConaughey who won an Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club” in 2014. You maybe wondering why I am talking about on a podcast about mindset for online marketers? Well You may have seen part of the Oscar speech he gave that…

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