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MMM 012: Did You Know That We Live In Two Separate Worlds Simultaneously?

Outer World and Inner World

Did you know we are living in two separate worlds? On Today’s Mindset Minute I want to talk to you about the fact that we do actually live in two separate worlds. The two separate worlds are totally independent from one another. Now think about that for a moment. I heard this concept from John Kehoe in…

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034: Overcome Challenges And Learn How Nothing Can Hold You Back With Brian R. King

Brian R. King

My guest today started life as an anxious, quiet and lonely  child, being one of four children born to a working-class couple in their 20’s. He struggled with school as it was very difficult for him. Teachers were very impatient with him as he continued to struggle and being socially awkward made him a target…

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033: What Are You Doing To Exercise Your Mind Each And Every Day?

Exercising your brain

– Still doing book give away contest – Decided to keep this going for a bit as The Marketer’s Mindset just celebrated its 1 year anniversary on April 10th. What are you doing to exercise your mind? – Do you enjoy reading? – Do you like to listen to podcasts? How are you consuming content…

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MMM 011: Is Your Ladder To Success Leaning Against The Wrong Wall?

Ladder to success

Welcome to Monday’s Mindset Minute, the weekly episode designed to provoke thought, motivate and inspire you to action to build your ideal business and create a brilliant life! Before I start todays episode I want to tell you about a little fun promotion I came up with FREE Book give away – 2 ways to…

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MMM 010: Relieve Your Daily Stress With The Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method Before I start today’s episode I want to tell you about a little fun promotion I came up with FREE Book give away – 2 ways to get a book 1. Leave a rating and testimonial on iTunes 2. Join The Marketer’s Mindset Facebook Group. Then once you have given an…

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