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035: How To Build A Business Based On Who You Are And Actually Enjoy Your Work

Stephanie LH Calahan

How one finds out what they want, what audience they want to serve and how to do it by being themselves instead of emulating all the gurus. Today’s guest is a woman who has a path that is so similar to many of us, who are searching for a better way of living our lives.…

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MMM 014: Stop Being A Perfectionist – Quit Overthinking It And Just Do It


Perfectionism This disease is holding you back! I have dealt with it my whole life. Am I rid of being a Perfectionist?….Not even close. Am I better at not trying to make everything perfect?  Yes. One of my mentors and coach is Sean Mize. If you have been in the internet marketing world, especially the…

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MMM 013: Does Reading Books Really Work?

Think and Grow rich

Does Reading Books really Work?  

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