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043: Top Mindset Strategies From 9 Successful Entrepreneurs

Top mindset strategies from 9 successful entrepreneurs
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Learn Top Mindset Strategies From 9 Successful Entrepreneurs

Here is what you will in this episode from the following 9 successful entrepreneurs: Anthony Aires, Milana Leshinsky, Sean Croxton, Dina Lynch Eisenberg, Halley Gray, Anthony Aires, Stephanie LH Calahan, Brian R. King and Allie McAdam.

Anthony Aires

  • Why it starts with the right mindset
  • Importance of desire, faith, persistence and the right decisions
  • The importance of not quiting
  • The importance of your “Why”
  • Discovering your Amazingness
  • How Fear holds you back from your True Potential
  • Avoid being a perfectionist

Halley Gray

  • Focus on strengths rather than weaknesses

Milana Leshinsky

  • Simplicity vs complexity
  • Focus on one or two options

Sean Croxton

  • Difficult vs impossible
  • How growth is the fun part
  • You need to put yourself in uncomfortable positions

Dina Lynch Eisenberg

  • Make your obstacles optional
  • Set your intentions for your business and your life
  • Importance of mindset and emotional intelligence

Allie McAdam

  • Success is a climb
  • You’ll never be perfect
  • Mindset and relationships are the foundation for any business and any life
  • Always push yourself forward
  • There are no failures, just learning experiences

Brian R. King

  • All challenges are an opportunity to be resourceful
  • Continue to learn to reach your goals
  • Importance of being a “Solution “Seeker

Stephanie LH Calahan

  • How Visibility Blocks are sabotaging your success
  • subconscious beliefs about putting ourselves out there

Anthony Hayes

  • Importance of learning about the human psyche
  • Educating yourself about the mind
  • dealing with mindset shifts



About the author, Brian

A family guy and entrepreneur that has always been super curious about what makes people think and do what they do. I love to read about business, marketing and personal growth and love to share what I learn to help inspire others to be happier and to become the best person they can be! You can reach Brian at

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  1. Dina Lynch Eisenberg on 09/06/2017 at 11:44 PM

    Simply brilliant. I loved the gems from the other guests. You know what they say- you’re a mashup of the 5 people you spend time with. This is a 10x crowd. Thanks for including me Brian.

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