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How 68 Minutes On Facebook Changed My Life

I know what you are thinking…

“Are you serious, Facebook really changed your life?”

Well I guess the title of this post is exaggerated and probably a bit too extreme of a statement, but I did actually have a very powerful epiphany from spending the last 68 minutes on Facebook.

I don’t like to spend a lot of time on social media, but do like to check Facebook every so often to see what family and friends are up to as it seems that no one calls anyone anymore to say hi and what’s been going on, they just post it on Facebook or whatever various social media platform.

Well I was checking my Facebook this morning before trying to get some work done since everyone was gone this Saturday morning and I was home by myself.

I saw a buddy of mine who is on the Board of a Health Organization and he and his wife got a picture with the Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals….Bruce Arians or better known as “BA”.

Then some pictures of flowers, political videos, funny videos, pictures of friends kids, then…

The first interesting video titled “Live your dream and don’t ever give up – Words she chooses to live by”.  This video is about a girl named Gabi, who at 19 had cancer in her right leg and had her leg amputated and reattached the lower part of her leg back on her so her foot was pointing down and acted as a knee.  The procedure is called rotationplasty (you have to see the video to better understand the procedure she had done. A link to the video will be at the bottom of this post). Gabi is a dancer and with this surgery and a specially made prosthetic, she is able to still live her dream as a dancer…WOW!

Then I scroll a little more and I watch a video of a homeless man in Florida playing “Come Sail Away” by Styx on piano on the street in front of a store.  He played so beautifully.  I found some other videos of him that were made after the piano playing video went viral.  Come to find out he is a veteran who has been living on the streets for the last eight years or so.  In the interview he talks how he also attended college for music and can read music, play music by ear and can play a dozen different instruments.

Next I see a video of a man ironing a dress shirt on his bed with a pot of hot water because he had a job interview and couldn’t afford an iron.

One after another.

Sometimes I think the Universe is sending us a message!

Those three videos and those 68 minutes spent on Facebook really touched me and made me think.  Sometimes or should I say most of the time we get these Ah Ha moments or we hear something that is not really new to us, but somehow resonates with you at the moment.  It may be because what you are experiencing in life at the moment or you finally get the message and not just intellectually, but a deep and heartfelt understanding and that is when a change in paradigms takes place and you get a mind-shift.

There were two very powerful lessons I took away from those three videos.

1) The mindset of “NO EXCUSES”

Seeing 19 year old Gabi overcoming cancer and dealing with her new, as society calls it “Disability” or “Handicap”, and not letting that stand in the way of her dream.  Sure the cancer caused a setback.  Sure she needed to learn how to dance with her new leg.  The fact that Gabi did not give up after losing half her left leg.  To be mentally strong enough to say “Hey, I need to change my strategy a bit to accomplish my goal”. To have that mindset, that courage at a young age to say “NO Excuses”.  I am going to continue to live my dream!

Then seeing the man ironing his shirt with a pot of hot water so he can go to a job interview.  Again…NO EXCUSES!!!. You need  to find your “WHY” because that is the fuel that will power your rocket as it launches to your dreams.  When you have a strong why behind your dreams and goals then you lose the story you keep telling yourself of why you can’t do or have some thing.  Your “WHY” will help you overcome the excuses and will make you continue to drive and work towards your goals and dreams!

2) We all have Talents and Gifts to give to the World

When I watched the video of the homeless man beautifully playing the piano with his dirty clothes and long scraggly hair and beard I became very sad and honestly teared up.

Not because I pitied him.  But, because I felt sorry for this former college graduate and former service man had sadly lost his self-worth and basically gave up on life and himself.

Here is this man, Donald Gould, with this beautiful gift of music that he doesn’t see the worth of.  He feels he has nothing to give and that the economy has befallen him this faith (learned it from a follow up video with him).  Donald is missing the first lesson – the mindset of NO EXCUSES!

If Donald would see his value and believe in his talent so strongly, he would be driven to pursue his dream and would not have to live on the streets.

The challenge now is to really absorb these lessons and make them a part of my daily life.  So many times we read inspiring things or learn something that can benefit us or make our life easier, but we fail at implementing it into our lives.

So I challenge both myself and you to take time to reflect on those AH HA moments and those things that touch your soul, to truly commit to make them part of your everyday life.

Now go share your talent(s) with the world and make NO EXCUSES as to why you can’t live your dreams!


Links to videos

Gabi – “Live your dream and don’t ever give up”

Donald Gould – Homeless man plays piano beautifully

Man irons shirt with a hot pot


Feel free to share your AH HA moments or what you took away after seeing these videos.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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