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028: Toughen Up: Mindset Advice From Top Online Marketer Mario Brown

Toughen Up with Mario Brown


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Today’s episode I want to talk about Mario Brown and his Mindset.

Mario’s Story:

2008 he left his family behind in another country to come to the
United States. He had broken english, was alone, scared and completely broke.

Mario credits Online Marketing for turning his life around.

Saved up to buy a laptop. Typed in Google…”How to make money online”

He bought product after product like most of us do and was making no money.
He said he had too much information and was not following through on any
of it.

He heard about a live marketing event in San Diego in which he had to scrape
together $2,000.00, which he didn’t have, to go to the event.

Mario said that was a pivotal point for him, interacting with these other
marketers and talking to them about what they were doing, he began to develop
his own belief in himself.

He went home from that event, created his first information product and made
his first money online.

Mario Likes to talk about mindset and I purchased Mario’s latest product
called FB Continuity Profits.

Mario’s Mindset:

1. Believe in yourself: fake it til to make it!
– Others won’t believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself (They can
sense it)
– he says you will eventual start to believe in yourself as you continue
to do things.

2. Massive Imperfect Action: This is so importnat that Mario teaches it in all
his products.
– Stop being a Perfectionist…Good is Good Enough!!!
– At Facebook they have a huge board that says “Done Is Better than perfect!”
– Taking MIA lets you build momentum.

3. The first time you do something it is really hard: There is a learning curve.

4. Tough Times don’t last, Tough people do: You have to realize that this online
business will be an emotional and financial roller coaster. Ups and Downs!

How To Apply and put into action what Mario teaches.

1. Believe In Yourself. Read auto-biographies of successful people, listen to
inspirational videos, ask questions in forums and Facebbok groups.
– by taking daily action your skills will improve and you will start to get
better and as you get better and see results, your belief in yourself will
start to grow.

2. MIA – I like to add another word “Consitant” and say Massive Consistent
Imperfect Action. Just Do It!!!
Done is Better than perfect and You don’t have to get it right, you just
have to get it going!

3. The first time it is hard. You get better!

4. Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do” Embrace it, Deal with it!
Until next time I wish you a Brilliant Life!!!


Mario’s Biography video

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