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029: Motivation Is Garbage: What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like It

Motivation is garbage Mel Robbins

Motivation is garbage!


Today’s episode I want to talk about Motivation.

Mel Robbins Interview on the show Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Mel says that Motivation is complete garbage!

She says we have all bought into this lie that we’ve got to feel ready in
order to change.

The way our minds are wired, we are not designed to do things that are
uncomfortable, or scary or difficult. Our brains are designed to protect us
from those things.

but to build an online business and design the life of our dreams we are going
to have to do things that are uncomfortable, and scary and difficult.

Now here is the dilema….you are never going to feel like it.

We are usually just motivated when things are easy.

Our minds are designed to protect us and to stop us from doing things that
may hurt us.

Now because or minds are like this we all have a habit of hesitating. We may
have a great idea for our business or we may have a idea for a different way
to market ourselves and our business, but then we hesitate.

Did you know that that small little moment of hesitation sends a stress
signal to your brain?

Now this absolutely fascinated me. Your brain will scan it’s memory and say
wait a second. he or she didn’t hesitate when they brushed their teeth today,
or when they put on their shoes, or when they got in their car, so the slight
hesitation causes your brain to say ut oh, this must be risky, let’s stop
from moving forward on this idea.

Mel says we can trace all our problems or complaints in our life to silence
and hesitation.

Motivation is garbage…you are never going to feel like it.

Stop waiting til you feel like it!

How To Apply and put into action what we just talked about.

– Know your WHY
– Tiny Habits
– Nike slogan “Just Do It” You are not always going to feel like it.
– know that you are not alone and everyone feels unmotivated at times.

Until next time I wish you a Brilliant Life!!!



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