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030: You’ve Got To Meet Your Prospects And Customers Where They’re At

Gary Halbert find a starving crowd

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Today’s episode I want to talk about the mindset of meeting your customers or
your potential customers where they are at.

So many times we come up with all these great ideas and things that we think
we should create for or customers or we should sell to our customers and
you experience no sales!

It could be that you totally missed the mark. If you are so stuck in your head
and think you know what your customers want, but still no sales, then you might
want to seriously look at your approach and your mindset when it comes to your
customers or prospects.

If you have noticed I am always asking you to send me emails, ask me questions,
give me feedback offer suggestions, because I am here to serve you.

Yes I enjoy doing the podcast and sharing things i learn and interviewing other
entrepreneurs, but without you there is really no podcast. So I greatly
appreciate all my listners and I truly do want to help you succeed in your
business and become strong in the mental game.

If you have been in online marketing for any period of time you have heard
marketers say create an Avatar which is basically the ideal customer.

What is the general age, are the male or female, single or married…etc

This is so important and should truly be one of the first thing you do in
business. You need to now your market and who you are talking to.

There hope, dreams, fears, passions, lifestyle, likes and dislikes…etc.

The late great marketer, Gary Halbert said that the number one advantage that he
would always want in any business venture he did was to have a “STARVING MARKET.”
How To Apply and put into action what we just talked about.

– If you haven’t already, please take the time to truly identify your ideal
prospect for your business service or product…this is so important

– You do truly need to find the starving market for your business

– Once you determine this ideal prospect/customer, then you need to have all
your marketing messages talking exactly to that ideal person, using their
language and here is another key…meeting them at where they are in their life
right now.

My friends this is hugely important!

– Also continue to ask them what they are struggling with and what they are
wanting to learn. You see it is a mindset shift to get out of your own head
and into the head of your prospect/customer.

Please take the time are really focus on this part of your business because it
is a huge foundational piece and will trully help you with your content, your
products and services you offer, your sales letter and all of your marketing
Until next time I wish you a Brilliant Life!!!

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