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031: Who’s Your Hero – Who Are you Chasing After Every Day?

Who's your hero Matthew McConaughey

Today’s episode I want to talk about actor Matthew McConaughey who won
an Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club” in 2014.

You maybe wondering why I am talking about on a podcast about mindset for
online marketers?

Well You may have seen part of the Oscar speech he gave that night floating
around Facebook. If you haven’t, I will have a link to it in the show notes.

In the last part of the speech McConaughey he talks about 3 things

1. Who he looks up to
2. What he looks forward to
3. Who he’s chasing
The 3rd thing, who is his hero, who does he chase was a very powerful mindset.

He said when he was 15 yrs old a very important person in his life come to him
and say “Who’s your hero?” McConaughey tells the person he doesn’t know and
that he needs to think about it.

About two weeks later the person asks again “Who’s your hero?”

McConaughey says told the person that he thought about it and that his hero
was him in 10 years. So 10 years later the person asks McConaughey if he was
a hero. McConaughey says not even close! They asked him why and he said his
hero was him at 35.

McConaughey says every day, every week, every month, every year of his life
his hero is 10 years away! He says he will never be his hero and that he will
never attain that and he’s alright with that…Why because that gives him
somebody to keep on chasing.

I just love this mindset!

How many of you..including me spend every day or every week looking at all
the gurus and other online marketers who are making money, who have quit their
job and are now working full time as an online marketer and living their dream?

That focus on others and their success can drive you crazy, discourage you,
frustrate you, make you angry or jealous or even want to quit.

Apples to oranges

Looking at where they are now and comparing yourself to where you are now.

you don’t see the struggle and time they put in.

you don’t know their situation.

Remember we get what we focus on – If you are focusing on others and their
success and then comparing where they are to where you are…well then you
are going to probably feel lack, insecurity and maybe and just maybe…
Feel like you are not good enough or talented enough to have success in your

The only thing you should be doing when you look at others and their success
is to feel inspired to the fact that if they can do it so can you…end of story!

After that, you need to turn your focus back on you and your dreams and goals
and why you want them.
Until next time I wish you a Brilliant Life!!!


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