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032: Control The Controllable And Keep On Flowing With Anthony Hayes

Control the controllable with Anthony Hayes

This episode is dedicated to Dillon

The Science of Being Anthony Hayes

In 2004 this person embarked on a journey that would be many people’s worst nightmare. He began a downward spiral in his life as he began partying with shady people who did shady things. He was experiencing failed relationships and was immersing himself in a lifestyle of self destruction and self medicating over a 10 year period which ended up even costing him his marriage…all this before the ripe old age of 30. The pain he was suffering got to the breaking point where he wanted to die and no longer go on living.

For whatever reason, he dug deep and decided that he wanted to understand what he was going through and like a true champion he never gave up and embarked on a journey of self discovery. While finally starting to step back and take a look at his life, it was revealed to him that he was suffering from clinical depression, anxiety, ADHD, self medicating, and bouts of insomnia. Like a modern day Rocky Balboa, he fought his way out of the darkness of his depression and rose like a Phoenix from the ashes!

He went on to document his 10 year journey of overcoming insurmountable odds despite his circumstances, in his book “The Science of Being: Surviving Depression”.

Fastforward and this individual has gone on to do many wonderful things.  

Today he is an author, podcaster, and blogger. Is a member of the International Association for Internet Broadcasters and the co-founder of the Podcast Discovery Center, which I am proud to say I’m a member of. His early life accolades include competing on a national level in martial arts,custom car building, and traveling the world as a professional DJ and break dancer.

Though he says his greatest achievement in life so far is being a first time father to a beautiful baby girl named Violet. He currently resides in sunny South Florida where he works in management at the largest grocery retailer in the southeast.

His driving force is what he calls m5: mindfulness, meditation, music, martial arts and the need for More.

“Control the Controllable, as for the rest, Keep on Flowing and Just Be…”

Anthony Hayes welcome to the show!


Anthony Hayes’ podcast

For Anthony’s book “The Science of Being: Surviving Depression” Click Here

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Phone Number: 1-800-273-8255


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