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034: Overcome Challenges And Learn How Nothing Can Hold You Back With Brian R. King

Brian R. King

My guest today started life as an anxious, quiet and lonely  child, being one of four children born to a working-class couple in their 20’s.

He struggled with school as it was very difficult for him. Teachers were very impatient with him as he continued to struggle and being socially awkward made him a target for bullies. Little did they know how badly he wanted to succeed and was truly doing the best he could with what he had.

The bullying continued into the eighth grade until he had reached a limit and finally stood up for himself like a true-life karate kid as he executed a few martial arts techniques he had learned from his father.

Now with his new found respect from his peers, during his high school years he began to come into his own and discovered he had a sense of humor that made him win over his peers.

As high school graduation approached something happened no one could have predicted. A recurring pain in his abdomen was diagnosed as an aggressive form of testicular cancer. He received surgery and spent the summer after graduation doing chemotherapy.

Once he beat cancer he became determined to create a better life than the one he had thus far.

He chose to seek a degree in social work, got married and had three beautiful boys. As that seemed to be not enough, All three boys had been diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers syndrome.

It was through them that he began to receive answers as to his own challenged childhood. He saught testing for himself and received his own diagnoses of ADHD, Aspergers syndrome and dyslexia. Further research revealed that his father had Aspergers and his mother had ADHD.

After learning about his boys, his parents and himself, like a true champion with a passionate mission, he dove in 100% to learn and educate himself about him and his boys conditions.

As he became more proficient in his skills and was able to clearly explain the relationship between a parent and a child with Aspergers or ADHD, parents began to seek his help and found that he gave them insights and strategies they hadn’t received from years of working with other professionals. He was providing these parents with strategies that actually WORKED.

After about a year he opened a small office and word spread so fast of his abilities that he was able to quit his day job just four months later.

He has since written 5 books and presents internationally to parents and educators who want to learn his unique and transformational perspective on living with Aspergers and ADHD.

As this man’s health saga continues, he has been blindsided once again having been diagnosed with a genetic disease identified as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome of which there is currently no cure.

As a true inspiration to us all. Instead of staying home and crying poor me, which many people would say that he has every right to, he chooses to continue to educate himself and commit himself to learning all he could from these experiences so he could not only teach his boys but share his knowledge and gift of sharing his message with the world.

He has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Asperger’s, ADHD & Dyslexia and now coaches parents and educators on strategies for motivating and communicating better with members of the Asperger’s & ADHD communities.

He has become a Coach, Professional Workshop Facilitator, Keynote Presenter, a #1 Best- Selling Author and successful Entrepreneur and fellow podcaster.

As he says “That’s the meaning I have found in a life filled with struggle. A life that constantly shows me what it means to be human.”
It’s my pleasure to introduce you to today’s amazing guest Brian R. King

Listen to Brian’s incredible story now!



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