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037: Are Your Beliefs Around Money Hurting Your Business?

negative money beliefs

Your beliefs around money may be hurting your business.

  1. I want you to monitor for the next seven days what you say when it comes to money in your business or your personal life.

2. Write this Affirmation 25 times each morning:

               “I accept that I am enough and I give thanks for my increasing
                 Prosperity everyday”

                                           Or       Feel Free To Prosper – Marilyn Jenett

               “I accept that I am enough and I give thanks for my Unlimited
                 Abundance everyday”

      3. Get $100 bill and carry it in your wallet or purse.


Marilyn Jenett’s website:

Feel Free To Prosper program: Click Here

Feel Free To Prosper book: Click Here

My FREE “Mindset Tool Kit”: Click Here


About the author, Brian

A family guy and entrepreneur that has always been super curious about what makes people think and do what they do. I love to read about business, marketing and personal growth and love to share what I learn to help inspire others to be happier and to become the best person they can be! You can reach Brian at

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