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038: Using Fun And Humor To Evolve And Succeed With Halley Gray

Halley Gray The Marketer's Mindset

Using Fun And Humor To Evolve And Succeed With Halley Gray


Here are some of the things you will learn from Halley:

[4:28]  How mindset is the code to the brain

[5:02]  How to handle baggage in our mind

[5:40]  How Halley got her highest open rates on her emails

[6:26]  Why starting her business in an intimate way allowed her to be herself

[7:11]  How the brain deals with pain and reward

[8:16]  How talking to clients and customers like they were a friend made things easier

[9:22]  How using humor can help to get your point across

[10:24]  Why experimenting with different ways can lead to break throughs

[12:01]  How to get your customers to retain your information

[12:38]  The affects of making people laugh

[15:07]  Why trying to figure out your passion business is bullshit

[15:49]  Why turning a hobby into a business is not what its cracked up to be

[15:59]  Why looking to do things that come easy to you

[16:32]  Sometimes it’s hard to notice what you’re good at

[18:17]  Learn Halley’s favorite marketing guru

[18:49]  Why problem solving is the key to business success



Take Halley’s Booked Out Challenge here

Halley’s website:

Caitlin Bacher  –  Growing profitable Facebook Groups

Ash Ambirge  –  Marketing for entrepreneurs

Amanda Bond  –  Facebook Ad Strategist who shows you how to make money with Facebook ads

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