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046: How To Go From Good To Great with John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas How to go from good to great

How To Go From Good To Great
with John Lee Dumas


Here are some the things you will learn from JLD in this episode:

  • How important mindset is to one’s success
  • Why not having the right mindset cost him when he started
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs and mentors
  • What is one of the biggest keys to JLD’s success
  • F.O.C.U.S – Follow One Course Until Success
  • Why people never accomplish what they want
  • How JLD doubted himself when he was first starting out
  • How he was able to push through his Fears and take Action!
  • Why being “Comfortable” with your life is the worst thing
  • The power in knowing “This To Shall Pass”
  • One of JLD’s biggest mistakes and regrets of his career
  • Why JLD starts every episode of his podcast interviews this way
  • The importance of building relationships
  • The importance of knowing everyone starts this same way
  • When is the absolute best time to get started
  • and much, much more!


Quote of the Show – “Good is the greatest enemy of Great”



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About the author, Brian

A family guy and entrepreneur that has always been super curious about what makes people think and do what they do. I love to read about business, marketing and personal growth and love to share what I learn to help inspire others to be happier and to become the best person they can be! You can reach Brian at

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  1. John Lee Dumas on 09/25/2017 at 7:16 PM

    Really honored to be a guest on your show BB! What a blast!

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