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MMM 004: Do What Is Hard Til It Is No Longer Hard

Shaun White Do what is hard til it is not hard anymore

Today I want to share with you something I heard from an interview on one of
my favorite shows…Impact Theory, the interview was with Shaun White,
professional snowboarder, skateboarder and a two-time Olympic gold medalist.

Shaun said “Do what’s hard til it’s not hard anymore!”

It really hit me. It was so simple, but oh so powerful!

It is how we were made.

It is what we did as babies and young children.

With walking, with learning to talk, to learning to ride a bike or swim.

We are made to learn and to constantly improve ourselves.

The problem is that many people give up in there teen years or early parts
of their adult life. They kind of hit a plateau and seem to keep liiving
the same kind of life every year. Never really growing or stretching themselves
to see what an amazing life they can create for themselves!

Please do yourself a favor and don’t let this be you!

So here is how you apply this to your online business.

Please do not discard this because of it’s simplicity. We tend to undervalue
information or wisdom that is given to us because it sounds too simple.

It’s like we need some super math equation to become successful and that
is just not true.

I have found the most useful information is simple, but if acted on will
make a profound difference in your business and your life.

So here it is…Keep doing what is hard, til you master that skill. If you
stick with it, continue to practice or apply yourself over and over on a
consistant basis, you will improve, you will get better and you will produce

Don’t over complicate it. keep working with the mindset that you will build a
successfull online business, you will learn to drive traffic through SEO, or
Facebook ads, or YouTube videos. Or you will learn to successfully do affiliate
marketing, or CPA marketing, or launching products or building a coaching business.

If you just keep doing what is hard and stick with it til it is no longer hard,
then you will succeed. I don’t see how you can’t

So thanks again so much for listening to another episode of Monday’s mindset
Minute and…

Until next time I wish you a Brilliant Life!!!

About the author, Brian

A family guy and entrepreneur that has always been super curious about what makes people think and do what they do. I love to read about business, marketing and personal growth and love to share what I learn to help inspire others to be happier and to become the best person they can be! You can reach Brian at

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