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MMM 012: Did You Know That We Live In Two Separate Worlds Simultaneously?

Outer World and Inner World

Did you know we are living in two separate worlds?

On Today’s Mindset Minute I want to talk to you about the fact that we do actually live in two separate worlds.

The two separate worlds are totally independent from one another. Now think about that for a moment.

I heard this concept from John Kehoe in his Mind Power Home Study audio course and it is an amazing and powerful concept if you grasp it.

Most people think we live in one great big world, but that is not true. We live in the Outer World which is made up of circumstances and situations and we also live simultaneously in the Inner World, the world of our thoughts and consciousness.

For example in the outer world you are listening to me on this podcast either at home, work or maybe driving, in the gym…you are somewhere. There maybe others around you. You maybe going to lunch, whatever that is all happening in the Outer World.

Now you are also in the Inner World as you listen to me because I have your attention.

But if you were not interested in what I am saying and you think I am boring, you are still in the Outer World at home, work, driving etc., but in the Inner World you can go to a whole nother place.

You could be thinking about what you are going to do after you get off work, or when you have to take the kids to practice or maybe an argument you had with your significant other or a friend early today.

So you could remain in the same place in the Outer World, but be in an entirely different place in the Inner World. Make sense?

What happens is things happen in the Outer World and we react to them in the Inner World.

Let’s say that you have a friend or someone at work who says that you are looking really good. Now that happened in the Outer World, but now we REACT to the situation in the Inner World by feeling good about ourselves and more confident.

Now let’s switch the situation and say that your friend instead says to you that you are looking rough today. Again that is what is happening in the Outer World. Now in the Inner World you react different and your self-esteem and confidence diminish and you don’t feel as good about yourself. You may start to doubt yourself and maybe even worry.

The huge problem with this is that we have no personal power and that we are constantly

living in the state of REACTION. So whatever is happening the Outer World we take it and make it our Inner World.

What I want you to take away from this is that we are NOT limited to our Outer World in our consciousness, we get to think whatever thought we want!


I love you guys and appreciate you and until next time I wish you a brilliant



John Kehoe’s website:

To check out John’s 6 week Mind Power program Click Here

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