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The Power Of Giving Thanks

Right now it is 12:14 pm, Wednesday November 23, the day before Thanksgiving and I am sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops, the Coffee Bean, with my Apple Macbook Pro and a large frozen, blended hazelnut coffee…mmmmmm.

laptop lifestyle

Not to be goofy, but…

Just looking at what I just wrote makes me feel very thankful and grateful.

You might say, “Wow you are easily pleased.”

Well you know what…I am and I think if a lot more people were easily pleased they would live a more richer, less stressful and happier life!

Let me tell you why I am Thankful

To start with this is a Wednesday and I don’t have to be back to my j.o.b. till next Tuesday.

I am sitting in this nice coffee shop sipping a nice cool blended coffee and sharing my thoughts with you on my blog, something I really enjoy doing.

Because I have this nice Apple laptop, I am able to get out the house and relaxing in a different and relaxing atmosphere and work on my business.

So…Yes I am thankful for these simple things.

Also, for me, being blessed to live in the United States where by earning an income of just $34,000.00 a year puts you in the global elite.  Please don’t take this as me bragging…far from it.  I am trying to express various things that make me very thankful.

Did you know that the annual global median salary is just $1,225.00 according to global economists.  So for my Mindset friends that live in countries with less economic means know what I mean.

So I want to put a challenge out to you and I want you to take sometime and think of all the things you are thankful for.

As you can see by some of the things that I listed, they don’t have to be huge things.  I even think that the smaller the things are that you are thankful for, the better because that makes it a lot easier to be in a mindset of Gratitude!

Once you have thought of all the things you are thankful for, I want you to incorporate it into your daily life and either take a few minutes in the morning or at night before you go to sleep and think of all the things you are thankful for.

Don’t discount the simplicity of this.

And when you think of what you are thankful for I want you to feel the emotions that come with it.  I know that there have been times where I am thinking of all the things I am thankful for and I get this amazing warm felling that wells up inside of me and I actually start to gently cry.

It is such an AMAZING feeling and I wish I could bottle it up and use it everyday!

So don’t just say what you are thankful for, actually feeeeeelllllll it.

If you do this, I promise the experience will be much more powerful and you will start to experience amazing things in your life as you live each day in Gratitude.

I wish you a Brilliant life!




About the author, Brian

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