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055: How Sagi Shrieber Went From Debt And Frustration To Success In Less Than 12 Months

Sagi Shrieber Mindful and Ruthless
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How To Be Mindful & Ruthless with Sagi Shrieber

Here are some the things you will learn from Sagi in this episode:

  • The importance mindset played in Sagi’s success
  • Creating neural networks in your brain
  • The importance of seeing patterns in your life
  • How Sagi used the Law of Attraction plus action to attract his first client
  • MMA star Conner McGregor and the Law of Attraction
  • Story of how Jim Carrey manifested $10 million when he was broke
  • How hiring Calvin Wayman as his coach turned his business into a success
  • How to activate your subconscious to get what you want in your business and life
  • Getting on Pat Flynn’s Smart and Passive Income podcast
  • Helping John Lee Dumas on creating a new website
  • Why Sagi chose to keep his debt for now
  • The importance of listening to your gut instead of others
  • What it means to be Mindful & Ruthless
  • and much, much more!!!

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Calvin Wayman’s website:

Calvins book Fish Out of Water:

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast:

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