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018: What Is The Story You Continue To Tell Yourself?

What is the story you tell yourself
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Today’s episode was inspired by my new Podcast friend from down under Melinda Hammond from Australia.

Melinda has a great podcast called “Writer on the Road”

She did a great interview on her podcast with a guy by the name of Park Howell, called “The Power Of Story To Strengthen Your Business Brand”

* I have heard Tony Robbins in the past talk about “Your Story”

* So what is the story you keep telling yourself everyday, every year?

Are you telling yourself

* you are too old

* too young

* not good enough

The great thing is that your story can be re-written and can be written any way you want it to be!

You are the writer and director of your business and your life!

So after this podcast I challenge you to re-write the story of your business.

Also I challenge you to re-write the story of your life!



Melinda Hammond’s podcast “Writer on the Road”  ==> Click here

Episode #27 “The Power Of Story To Strengthen Your Business Brand”

==> Click Here




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